Poems with Commentaries, Fr.Wilfred Miranda,OCD

Every human soul is called to belong to God unendingly: To love Him unconditionally, to possess Him and to be possessed by Him totally. This relationship between God and the soul can be expressed in the best way through the analogy of Bridal relationship: Jesus is the Bridegroom and the soul is the Bride. The Poem ‘The Romantic Seeker’ is the last chapter of the book ‘The Thirst’ written by the same Author. The soul, who is the Bride, deeply yearning to meet Jesus, the Bridegroom, goes in search of Him. With great anguish of heart, she looks for Him everywhere: In the forest, on the mountain, in the valley and in the desert. She asks everybody: Have you seen my Beloved? At last she finds Him in the sanctuary of her heart and enters into a life of eternal bliss

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