Transformed Paradigm to the History of Malabar Province

The history of Malabar Province, and indeed the whole of the Carmel in India, gets a transformed paradigm with Archbishop Aloysius Maria Benziger OCD and Rev. Fr. Adeodatus of St. Peter OCD declared Servants of God in October 2018. Fr. Aloysius Maria Benziger came as a young and zealous missionary priest to India from the Flanders Province in the year 1895. He became the co-adjutor Bishop of Kollam in 1900 and from 1905 he was the Bishop of Kollam until he voluntarily retired in 1931 at the age of 67. He came to Carmel Hill Monastery and lived there as an ordinary religious until he died on the 17th of August 1942. For the convenience of the increasing number of people who were regularly coming to pray at his tomb, his mortal remains were exhumed and transferred to a new tomb inside the Church on 18th November 1983. On 12th October 2018, Archbishop Aloysius Maria Benziger was declared the Servant of God at Trivandrum Archbishop’s House.

Rev. Fr. Adeodatus of St. Peter OCD, after being ordained priest on the 31st of July 1927, left for India a few weeks later. He came to Carmel Hill Monastery, Trivandrum on 1st of November 1927. As a passionate religious priest, he helped the community in the formation of the first batches of native Carmelites, as the bursar of the community and involved in various pastoral and spiritual ministries. Later he chose to be involved in missionary activities and from 1946, he was the parish priest of Muthiyavila Parish which comprised a large geographical area that was then under the Trivandrum Diocese, which presently is part of the Neyyattinkara Diocese. He died as a zealous missionary on 20th October 1968, on the Mission Sunday, on his way to celebrate the Holy Mass. He was declared Servant of God on 13th October 2018 at Neyyattinkara Bishop’s House. His mortal remains were exhumed and transferred into the tomb besides Archbishop Benziger on the 19th of October 2018. The Thanksgiving Holy Mass for these two Servants of God, celebrated at Carmel Hill Monastery Church, Trivandrum on the 20th of October 2018 where these two servants of God are buried, were participated by 8 Bishops, 110 priests and more than 6000 faithful.





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