1.   Fr. Abraham Thekkemury OCD
Carmalaram Theology College, Bangalore
Karnataka – 560035.
Ph.  7892961532; 9241650672
E-mail: abthek@gmail.com

1991 Licentiate in Formative Psychology / Clinical Psychology, Institute of  Psychology Gregorian University, Rome.
1992 Diploma in Carmelite Spirituality (St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of  Avila), Carmelite International Institute of Spirituality, Avila.

Professional Experience:
Professor at: 
Carmelaram Theology College (CTC),  Adhyatma Vidya Peetham (AVP), Dharmaram (DVK), Indian Institute of Spirituality (IIS), Institute Mater Dei –Goa (IMD), Trinity College- Jalandhar, Danahalaya- Aalapuzha, Paurastya Vidyapitham-Vadavathoor, since 1993.

Positions Held:
Director of Lisieux Centre 2017 onwards.
Director of the Institute for Formators, Bangalore, 2010 to 2018.
Director of AVP Bangalore.
Novice Master.

Subjects taught:
Psychology, Vocation, Inner dynamics of our Call, Pastoral Counselling,  Personality Styles, Personality Assessment, Group Therapy, Vocational  Counselling, AMR Therapy, General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology,  Spiritual Direction, etc.

Additional Work experience:
Licenced Counsellor, Conduct directed retreats.

2.     Fr. Antony Attuthundiyil OCD                                                                                                            
Carmel Hill Monastery
Cotton Hill 695 014, Trivandrum.  
Ph. 919207443814
Email: attuthundiyil@gmail.com


2017 MTh.  in Moral Theology, Gregorian University, Rome, with distinction.  Dissertation:  Ethics of using artificial reproductive methods as a     remedy for infertility among catholic couples in Kerala.

Professional Experience:
Professor at:
Carmel Hill Phislophy College, Trivandrum 2017 onwards

Positions Held:
Vice Rector of Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum, 2017 onwards. Vice Rector of College damascene, Rome. Director of Postulancy formation.

Subjects taught:
Bio ethics, social ethics, and sexual ethics.

Additional Work experience:
Conduct marriage preparation course.

3.     Fr. Antony Kunnathuparambil OCD
Email: antonykunnathuparambil@gmail.com

Oriental Theology.

4.     Fr. Augustine Punnolil OCD                                      
Carmel Hill Monastry                                                       
Cotton Hill 695 014, Trivandrum                                  

2012 Licentiate - Sacred Scripture, Biblicum, Rome.
Dissertation: Lord’s Prayer: The encapsulation and celebration of the   
kingdom of God.

Professional Experience
Professor at:  Carmel Hill Phislophy College, Trivandrum, 2017 onwards.

Positions Held: Rector of Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum. 2017 onwards.  
Subjects taught: Introduction to Sacred scripture.

Additional Work experience:
Conduct Italian Language Course.

5.     Fr. Augustine Valummel OCD
Ph.: 9495849828

1980 MTh. In Christian Anthropology, Dharmaram Vidyakshetram, Bangalore.
1986 PhD. In Anthropologia Theologia, Teresianum, Rome. Doctoral Thesis: Man in the Bible.

Professional Experience
Published works

1. Manasika Prarthana (in Mala. 5th Edition).CPC: Trivandrum.
2. Fraternity in community, CPC: Trivandrum.

Topics taught:
Religious life, community life, vows, Vatican Documents.

 Offices conferred either by election or by nomination :                                                                                                                                                   Assistant Director and Director of Apostolic School in Ernakulum 1972 -1975   Provincial Councillor 1975-1978                                                                                                          Chief Editor of Carmel 1981-1983 Director of Deepthi Bhavan, Ernakulum Rector and Prior of Carmel Hill Monastery1987-1990 Rector And Prior of Carmelaram Theology college, 1990-1993. Prior and Rector of Carmel Hill Monastery 1993-1996. Provincial Councillor 1996-1999. Director of Lisieux centre Muvatupuzha (LCM) 1996-1999 Provincial   1999-2002 Director of LCM 2002-2005. Prior of St. Teresa’s Monastery, 2008-2011 First  Provincial councillor  2011-2014 Director LCM  2011 2017. First provincial councillor 2014-2017 Prior of Novitiate  2017 onwards.

 Offices held outside the province: 
Director of the missionary Congregation of the daughters of St. Thomas (DST), from 1986 onwards.                                                                               Director of Snehagiri Missionary Sisters (SMS) from 1990 onwards... Director of the Sisters of St. Martha’s Palai, 5 years. Spiritual Director of CSC Sisters Trichur.

 Additional work experience:
Spiritual Director, Canonical and Apostolic Vistator of women’s congregations, Formator of formators and Spiritual animators.

6.    Fr. Benedict Pulikattil OCD
Cherupushpa Ashram
 Thellakom P.O. Kottayam - 686 630
Ph. +9194 46990550
Email: benedictpulickattil@gmail.com

PhD in Spirituality.
Doctoral Thesis: Religious Poverty: Liberation According to the teaching of St. Teresa.

Published Works:
1. Pranayikam ini deivathe (Malayalam), Media House: Delhi, 2017.
2. Manushya Jeevitham enna theerthadanam, Media House: Delhi, 2016.
3. Sabhayude Pravachaka Dauthyam (In Malayalam): Prophetic duty of the church, Media House: Delhi, 2013
4. Eesvarane Thedi (Malayalam), Media House: Delhi, 2011.
5. Sanyasathinte Athmav (Malayalam), Carmel Publishing Centre: Trivandrum: 2008.
6. Dear Religious: inspiring letters on religious vocation, St Pauls: Bombay, 2004.
7. Religious Poverty liberation, Carmel Publishing Centre: Trivandrum, 1985.

Positions Held:
Novice master, Provincial Councillor.

Subjects taught:             

Additional Work experience:  Retreat preacher.

7.     Fr. Cyril Karimundackal OCD                                                                                
Email: ckarimundackal@gmail.com

1664 PhD   in Docummatic Theology Doctoral Thesis: ‘Totus Christus” in Saint Augustine’s “Enarrationes in Psalmos”, Pontificia Facultatae Theologica. Teresiae a Jesus et  Joannis a Cruce in Urbe, Teresianum, Rome.

Professional Experience
Professor at: 
CTC Bangalore.

8.     Fr. Cyriac Neerackal OCD
Ph. 9446209339
Email: Cykneerakkal11@gmail.com

1991    L.S.S.  In Sacred Scripture, Ponti. Biblical Institute, Rome.
S.T.D, Gregorianum, Rome.

The Concept of ‘Perfect’ in the Gospel of Matthew. An Exegetico-Theological Investigation, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome.

 Professor at:
CTC Bangalore, AVP Bangalore, Lisieux Ceter, Little Way spirituality centre.

 Topics taught:
Psalm, St. John

Positions held:
Provincial of Malabar Province, Director of AVP.

9.     Fr. Cyril Puthiaparambil OCD                                                                                             
Email: cyrilpocd@gmail.com

2017 Licentiate, in Spiritual Theology, Teresianum, Rome.
Dissertation; Teresian Contemplative Prayer.

10.   Fr. Cyriac Thonikuzhiyil OCD
Ph.:  9495789181  
Email: cyriathoni@yahoo.co.in

MTh. In Anthropology.

11.   Fr. Emmanuel Kaniyamparambil OCD
Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore – 560035
Ph. +919242177295.                                                                                                                      
Email – ekaniam@gmail.com

2001 D.Ph.  (Doctorate in Theology) with specialization on Patristic Theology,
(the Study of the Fathers of the Church), from the Catholic University of Paris, France.
Doctoral Thesis: The Spirit of Life: A Study on the Holy Spirit.
1996 S.T.L.  (Licentiate in Theology); Catholic University of Paris, France.
Dissertation Title: God in History: Towards a Theology of the History.

Published works:


 1)    The Spirit of Life:  A Study of the Holy Spirit in the Early Syriac Tradition,  Oriental Institute of Religious Studies:  no. 268, Kottayam, Kerala, India2003.

 2)    Deivavachanam Jeevichavar: Sabhapithakanmarum Deivavachanavum (in  Malayalam): The Fathers of the Church on the Word of God, Carmel Publishing  Centre: Trivandrum, 2008.

 3)    St. John Mary Vianney: On Priesthood and Eucharist, Trivandrum: Carmel  International Publishing House: Trivandrum, 2010.

 4)    Forthcoming book on Mother Mary in English and Malayalam.

         Articles (in English):

1)  “Ratio ET Oratio: Liturgy as Faith Seeking Response,” in: Ephrem’s Theological  Journal no. 7, 2003, pp. 3-9.

2) “Asceticism and Renunciation in Christian Tradition: Their  Impact on  Spiritual and  Social Life” in: Third Millennium 7, 2004, pp. 19-30.

3) “St John Mary Vianney, A Man of the Eucharist: Eucharistic Spirituality of Parish  Priests” in: Indian Journal of Spirituality, XVIII, 2005, pp. 391-399.

4) “The Spirit of life: Towards a Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Early Syriac  Tradition”, in: The Harp: A Review of Syriac and Oriental Ecumenical Studies  XVIII, 2005, pp.279-287.

5) “Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity: Model for Experiencing the Trinitarian  Indwelling”, in: Indian Journal of Spirituality, XIX, 2006, pp.301-320.

6)   “Feminine Maternal Images of the Spirit in Early Syriac Tradition”, in: Letter and  Spirit (USA) no. 3, 2007, pp.169-187.

7) “Word of God as Mirror: St Ephraim’s Understandings of the  Word of God,” in:  Malabar Theological Review no.3, 2008, pp.177-185

8) “Cure of Ars: St. John Baptist Marie Vianney, 1786-1859,” in: Kristu Jyoti,  no.25, 2009,  pp.94-103.

9) “Ecological Wisdom of the Patristic Tradition: An Analysis of  the Human  Relation to the Creation in the Light of the Present Ecological Crisis,” in: Indian Journal of Spirituality, XIV, 2011, pp.52-81.

10)  “Life in the Holy Spirit: Role of the Holy Spirit in the Theology of the  Syro-Malabar Church,” in: A. Mekkattukunnel (ed.), Mar Thoma Margam.  The Ecclesial Heritage of the St. Thomas Christians, Kottayam, OIRSI, 2012,  pp.129-138.

 11) “The Pre-baptismal Anointing and its Pneumatological  Significance  in the Acts   of Thomas,” in: Journal of Sacred Scriputres, VIII, 2014,  pp.132-   165.                                                                                                                                               12) E. Kaniyamparambil, “The Holy Spirit: in the Experience of St. Teresa of Ávila,”   in Indian Journal of Spirituality, XXVIII, 2015, pp.359-369.

Professional Experience:
Professor at:
Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore - 560035, since 2001. AVP Bangalore and Lisieux Centre, Movattupuzha, the two centers of spirituality of the OCD Malabar Province since 2001. Major Seminaries and Formation houses of Novitiates and Juniorates.

Subjects Taught:

        Fundamental Theology; Pneumatology; Mariology; Patristic Theology  (Fathers of the Church); Oriental Theology; Consecrated Life in Patristic  tradition; History of Consecrated Life; History of Christian Spirituality; Prayer  in St Teresa of Avila and many other topics in Ancient Christian Tradition.

 Positions Held:                                                                                                                                  
Dean of Studies of Theology and Spirituality Centres.
Additional Work Experience: Preaching Retreats and giving Conferences.

12.   Fr. Emmanuel Pulikakaparambil OCD
Ph. +918606343317
Email: emmanuelanish@gmail.com

MA Philosophy, Calicut University.  
MA Theology, Alpha Academy, Thalassery.
MA Psychology, IGNO
MA English literature
Diploma in YCT (Yoga course training)

Additional Work Experience:
Retreat preacher, Yoga trainer, Counsellor,

1.     Fr. Francis Kunnelpurayidam OCD
Ph. +91 8078026181
Email: mathewskf@gmail.com


        1995   MTh.  Spirituality , Pontifical Institute Alwaye.
Specialization : History of Mrian devotion in Kerala Church.

2.     Fr.George Ambalathil OCD
Ph.: 9495392354
Email: Frgsambalam@Yahoo.Co.In

Present Status:  Doing PhD in Moral Theology, Lateran University, Rome
2009    M.Th.  In Oriental Theology, Paurastya Vidyapeetham, Vadavathoor, Kottayam.
Dissertation:  the Kenotic Dimension of the Sacrament of Marriage in the   Syro- Malabar Church.

 2002    M.A Philosophy, Kerala University.

 2011    Diploma in Commercial Dairy Production, from National Dairy Research Institute, Deemed University, Southern Campus, and Bangalore.

 2015   Diploma in youth counselling psychology:  from Jyothidarsana Institute for Counselling and Mental health, Perumbavoor.


Professional Experiences:

Taught at:

Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum, Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore, OCarm.                                                   Novitiate house Kattikulam, Carmel Ashram - Novitiate, Kalady.


Subjects Taught:

Oriental Theology, Theology of Religious Life, Monasticism, Liturgy,   Carmelite Charism etc.


Positions Held:

 Editor, Carmelite Messenger: News Bulletin, OCD Malabar Province.

 Director, Mt. Carmel Ashram and Spirituality Centre, Peravoor, 2001- 2002.

 Lecturer at Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum 2003 – 2005.

 Administrator and Lecture at Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore,  2009-2012.

 Lecture at Marriage Preparation Course, St. Thomas Forane Church,  Dharmaram,  Bangalore, 2010-2012.

 Novice Master and Lecturer, Carmel Ashram, OCD Novitiate house, Kalady, 2012- 2016.

13.     Fr. George Pulimalayil OCD
Email: pulimalayilg@gmailco.

2018     PhD in Moral Philosophy, Dublin City University, Ireland. “The Horizon of Morality in the Process of Self-Realisation:  A Comparative Study in Catholic and Hindu Religious Perspective”
2014  Masters in Philosophy, All Hallows College, Dublin. 2015

14.   Fr. George Vettikuzhiyil OCD 
Adhyatma Vidhya Peetham
Carmelarm Po. Bangalore – 560 035, Karnataka
Ph. 9449231744
Email: vettikuzhygeo@hotmail.com

2005    L.S.S., S.T.D, In Sacred Scripture, Gregorian University, Rome.     
Doctoral Thesis: ‘Pempo’ and ‘Apostello’ as Designations of the    
Mission of the Disciples in the Gospel of John.
An Exegetical Theological Study of Jn. 4:31-38; 17: 17-19; 20: 19-23.

Professional Experience
Professor at:
CTC, AVP, AVP, and lisieux Centre Muvatupuzha.

Positions Held
Director of AVP since 2017, Rector of CTC, Provincial Councillor.

15.  Fr. Ignatius Kunnumpurth OCD.
Piazza San Pancrazio, 5/A
00152 Roma, Italia.
Contact No. 0039/3290203435, 0039-06-58540229,   Cel.0039-3348200580.
Email: thekkanakunnels@gmail.com

2016     PhD – Biblical Theology, Pontifical Urbanianum University, Rome. Doctoral Thesis: Atoning, Sacrificial, suffering and death of the servant of  Yahway: literary and exegetical analyses of Isaiah 53:4-6 in the context of the  fourth servant song (52: 13-53:12).
2011   MTh -  Biblical Theology, Pontifical Urbanianum University, and Rome  Dissertation: Isaiah 53:4-6: The servant’s active behaviour in his    appointed suffering.

Professional Experience
Professor at:
Teresianum, Rome since 2012

Subjects taught:
Biblical Greek, Introduction to the sacred scripture, Pentatuch, and the  historical books, Prophets.
Additional Work experience: Retreat preacher.

16.     Fr. Jacob Vadakkel OCD                                                                                                         
Ph. 919400474610 
Email: shajuvadakkel@gmail.com

MSW   St. Xaviors College, Ranchi.

Positions held:
Vicar Mt. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Bangalore 2017 onwards.    Manager St. Joseph’s press.

17.     Fr. James Alakkuzhiyil OCD
Mt. Carmel Provincial House
Cotton Hill, Vazhuthacaud
Trivandrum - 695 014, Kerala, INDIA

2017 MTh in Institutional and Social Communication, Holy Cross University, Rome.

Topics for lectures:
Social Communication.
Position Held
Director of Benzigar Spirituality center.
Director of Carmel Communications.
Asst.director Carmel International Publishing House.
Provincial Councilor.

18.     Fr.  James Niravath OCD
Carmelram Theology College
Carmelaram. P.O. Bangalore –35
Karnataka – 560035, INDIA
Contact No. +91 90 61 48 42 91
Email: jniravathocd@gmail.com

2006  PhD   Theology, Catholic University of Linz, Austria
(Liturgy, Sacramental Theology and Fundamental Theology).

Doctoral thesis:                                                                                                                
The Aspect of inculturation in the Marriage Liturgy of Indian Catholic Church.
2003 MA  Theology (Liturgy and Sacramental Theology), Catholic University of Linz, Austria.

The influence of Liturgical Inculturation in the administration of the Sacraments in India.

Professional Experience

Professor at: 
Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore, since 2017,
Adhyatma Vidhya Pitham, since 2008,
Lisseuex Centre, Muvattupuzha, since 1997, and Carmelite Seminary, Linz.

Positions Held:          
Rector of Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore, since 2017,
Spiritual Councillor of the Diocese of Linz (2009-2017),
Provincial Councillor, Austria (2005-2008, 2014-2017)
Superior and Director, Peravoor (1999-2000).

 Subjects taught:
Sacramental Theology, Liturgy of Hours, Eucharist, Priesthood, Spirituality of   Little  Flower, and Carmelite Spirituality. Prayer & Contemplation.

Additional Work experience:
Retreat preacher, Resource Person for: Chapters, Vocation Guidance, Youth Animation &, Formation Programmes.

19.     Fr. Joseph Edappulavan OCD
Emial:  epjosephtvm@yahoo.co.in

2019   PhD.  In Pastoral Ministry, Atheneo De Manila University, phiipians.
MA.  In pastoral theology, Atheneo De Manila University, Philippians.     Specialization in Dalit Empowerment.

20.   Fr. Joseph Elamparayil OCD

STD Sacred Theology, the Catholic University of America, Washington.

 Positions held:
Provincial 2005-2017.

21.   Fr. John Abraham Peackal OCD
130 Killeaton Street, St. Ives 2075,
New South Wales, Australia.
Ph. 0061 43 46 22538
Email: sunnypeackal@hotmail.com

S.T.L., S.T.D. in Pastoral Theology, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

 Position held:                                                                                                             
Superior St. Ives, Australia, Prefect of studies, Carmelaram theology,    Professor, Carmelaram Theology College.

22.   Fr. John Kunnathumadappallil OCD
Ph. 0061 429 490 850
Email: johhkocd@gmail.com

1997 One year Diploma in English Language and Literature, University of  London, UK.
1994 MA - English Language and Literature, M.G. University, Kottayam, Kerala.

Professional Experience
Professor at:                                                                                                                                                                                Carmel Hill BA Phislophy College, Trivandrum for five years,
+2 Minor seminary, Cherupushpa Ashram, Ettumannor for three years,
+2 students of  Holy Cross School, Thellakom for three years.

Positions Held:
Superior of Towns Ville and Parish priest of Cranbrook Parish, Australia  Subjects taught: English.

Additional Work experience:                                                    
Retreat preacher, Resource Person for: Chapters, Vocation Guidance, Youth Animation & Formation Programmes.

23.   Fr. John Mangakulath OCD
Carmelaram Theology College
Carmelaram PO., Bangalore – 560 035, Karnataka
Ph. 8129180891
Email:  jaymonjohn@gmail.com

2012 MTh in Philosophy Lateran University, Rome.
Dissertation: the relation between soul and body in the philosophy of Plotinus.

Professional Experiences:
Professor at:
Carmel Hill philosophy college, TVM, Carmel Vidya Niketin Faridabad.

Subjects Taught: 
Philosophy of Mind, Theodicy, Modern Western Philosophy, and Logic.

Positions Held:
Vice rector and Master of Theology College, 2017 onwards. Vice Rector Collegio Damascene, Rome.                                                                                       Master of pre-novices. Assistant manager St. Joseph’s Press TVM.

Additional Work Experiences: Preacher.

24.   Fr. Joseph Payyapallil OCD
Ph. 918281165383
Email: jpayyappally@gmail.com

2015 MSW (Masters in social work), specialization in community development, Cannoor University, Kerala.

Professional experience
Positions held:
Councillor of North Malabar regional vicariate.

Additional Work Experience:
Counselling, animator, community developer, social activist.

25.   Fr. Joseph Valummel OCD
Ph. 9496285676        
Email: josevalummelocd@gmail.com

MA In Canon and civil Law.

26.   Fr. Joseph Chakkalakudiyil (Robin CU) OCD
Mount Carmel Provincial House,
 Cotton Hill, Trivandrum -695014
Kerala, India.
Ph.07907566496, 9446685609
Email: jochakkala@gmail.com

2017     MA in English, Open University, Tamilnade.
2016     MA in Philosophy, Kerala University.
2014     MSC in Psychology, Tamilnadu Open University.
Diploma in spoken English from Nayipunya International.
Diploma in music from Allahabad University.

Professional experiences:

Topics Taught:
Methodology, Philosophical Concepts, General Psychology, Personality Development, Abnormal Psychology, English Grammar, Logic And Hindustani Music.

Positions held:
Vice Rector & Professor in Philosophy College.

27.   Fr.  Justin Avanooparambil OCD.
Ph. 9497460863
Email: frjustinp@gmail.com

1990 STD. Doctorate in Spiritual Theology. Teresianum Pont. Athenaeum, Roma.
Doctoral Thesis: A Comparative assessment of the mystic symbols in Rabindranath Tagore and St. John of the cross.
1980 MTh. In Theology. Pont. Institute of theology and philosophy Alwaye.

Dissertation: God experience of St. Teresa of Avila, doctor of the church.
1978 Diploma. In journalism. Bharatiya vidhya Bhavan, Cochin.

Published works:

1. St. John Of The Cross, Mystic Of Mystics: Life And Doctrine (Visudha Hoannan Cruz,  Mystickukalude Mystic: Jeevithavum Padanangalum, in Malayalam), Carmel  International Publishing House: Trivandrum, 2014.

2. Holy Couples: Parents of St. Therese of Lisieux (Visudha Dampathikal in  Malayalam), by the Author, Trivandrum, 2015.

3. Iruttinte Visudha: Kolkothayile Madar Theresesa (in  Malayalam) (The Saint of Darkness: Mother Theresa of Kolkotha) Carmel International Publishing House: Trivandrum, 2016.

4. Two Castles: the interior castle of St. Teresa and the exterior castle of Chiara Lubick,  Jeevan Books: Bharanganam 2017.


1.  “Attraverso la Notte Oscura e con la guida della sola fede raggiunse L’unione con L’amato”, in:  L’Osservatore Romano, Roma, December 14,  2006, p.6.

2. “Avilayile Ammathresia (Malayalam)”, in: Sunday Shalom Weekly, October16,   2011, p. 2.

3. “Vanantharathile Surabhila Soonam”, in: Sunday Shalom Weekly, June 1, 2014.

4. “Visudha cherupushpavum Hermanachanum”, in: Carmel magazine, 2014.

5. “Daivathe Kaanan Agrahichaval (Visudha Ammathresia), in: Sunday shalom Weekly, October 5, 2014, p.2.

6. “Vishudha Dampathikal (Visudha Kochuthresiayude Mathapithakkal)”, in: Sunday Deepika News Paper, October 11, 2015, p.2.

7.  “Karunardra Snehavum Vishudha Kochuthresiayum”, January 19, 2016.

8.  “Cherikalil ninnu swarghathilekku (Mother Teresa)”, in: Sunday deepka daily newspaper, September 4, 2016, p.2.

9.  “Aadhunika Lokathile Randu Valiya Vishudhar”, in: Matha Dharsanam: Catechetical bulletin of Pala, 49, no. 3, August 2017, pp. 22-31.
10.  “Kurisinte Vishudha Yohannan, in: Carmel magazine, December, 2017, pp. 28-33.

Professional Experiences:

Professor since 1983 at:
Carmelaram Theology College (CTC), Bangalore                                                                                                                     AVP Bangalore and Lisieux Centre, Movattupuzha, the two centers of Spirituality of the OCD Malabar Province.                                                                                       Spirituality center Peravoor & Little way spirituality center Ranchi. Formation centers of the other congregations.

Topics Taught:
St. Teresa: Mistress of prayer, St. John of the cross: Mystic of Mystics; St.  Therese of Lisieux: Patroness of the missions; Homiletics and public speaking;  Ecological concerns in priestly /religious life; Grace and Trinitarian  indwelling; introduction to methodology of study and scientific work.    Positions Held:                                                                                                                   Rector of CTC and Rector of Philosophy College Trivandrum; Master of theology students CTC; Rector of damascene college, Rome.

Additional Work Experience:      
Preaching Retreats and giving Conferences.

28.   Fr. Kurian Alumckal OCD                                                                                                     
Ph.  0034615852416                                                                         
Email:  alumkaljoy@yahoo.com

PhD  in Indian Philosophy, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
Professor at: Carmel Hill Philosophy College and                                               
Faridabad philosophy college.

29.   Fr. Kurian Karakkattu OCD                                                                                                  
Ph. 918301841653                                                                    
Email: kuriankarakkattu@gmail.com

 2016 MA  in Pastoral leadership, management, and formation, Atheneo De manila University, Philippians

Professional experience
Topics taught:            
Pastoral leadership

Professor at:           
AVP, CTC, Little way spirituality centre, Ranchi.

30.   Fr. Luke Varickamakkal OCD                                                                                                                  
Mount Carmel Monastery                                                                                                                                           
Opp. Malaparamba Housing Colony,                                                                            
Malaparamba, Kozhikode – 673 009, Kerala.
Ph. 919847302393

1999  MTh. In Spirituality, Teresianum, Rome.

Human Liberation According to John of the Cross and M. K. Gandhi: A Comparative Study.

Professor at: CTC
Positions Held
Regional Vicar.  Rector of CTC.

31. Fr. Manuel Vallippalam OCD.                                                                                       
Carmelaram Theology College                                                                                                            
Carmelaram PO., Bangalore – 560 035.  Karnataka                                                     
Ph.: 9449646208                                                                                                                          
Email: manvalli@gmail.com

1995 PhD. Religious science, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Doctoral Thesis: Incultruation in India
1995 STD  Doctorate in sacred theology,   Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium,  Dissertation: Inculturation in India.
1992     MA in religious science, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
1992    STL Licentiate in sacred theology, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

Professional Experiences:
Professor:  25 years of teaching in Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore;                                                             AVP spirituality in Bangalore; Lisieux center, Muvatupuzha.

Subjects Taught:
Dogmatic theology

Positions Held:
Provincial prefect of studies, Rector of CTC, Director of AVP, Prefect of studies of AVP.

Additional Work Experiences:
Retreat Preacher.

32.   Fr. Martin Kurisinkal OCD
Carmel Ashram
Okkal P.O., Kalady Ernakulam – 683 550
Mob: 9686201415                                                            
Email; kurisinkalm@yahoo.com

Licenced Counsellor, Novice Master

2011 MTh. Spiritual Theology, Comillas Madrid.
Dissertation: Purification of memory according to St. John of the cross. 
2010  MA. Philosophy. Kamaraj University.
2007 Diploma. Counselling and psychotherapy, Anugraha, Dindigual.                          
2005 Diploma. Formative spirituality and counselling, DVK Bangalore.                                  
2004 MA. Mysticism, Catholic University, Avila.

Professional Experience

Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore.

Positions Held:
Novice master at Kalady 2016, Director of Aspirancy & Postualnacy.

Subjects taught:
Spiritual Theology.

Additional Work experience:
Retreat preacher.  Licenced Counsellor.

33.   Fr. Mathew Choorapanthiyil OCD
Ph. 919449280163                                                                               
Email: Joy2joseph@yahoo.com

2007 PhD - Curriculum, Instruction, & Media Technology,   Indiana State    University, Indiana, US.                                                                                                                                    2005 MA - Communication Studies, Indiana State University, Indiana, US.                                         
1998 MA - Psychology, Annamalai University, India.                                                                             
1995 MTh - Master of Theology, Kristujothi, Bangalore.

Professional experience
Instructor at:           
Instructor at Marian College, Indianapolis, US;   CTC, Little way spirituality centre, Ranchi.

Subjects taught:
Introduction to Theology, Catechetics, Communication, Instructional Design,   and Course Preparation.

Positions held
Administrator, Holy Rosary Parish, 2007, Seelyville, Indiana, US.    Contract Chaplain, US Penitentiary, 2005-2006, Terre Haute, Indiana, US.  Chaplain, Carmelite Monastery, Terre Haute, 2002-2006, Indiana, US.                                          Assistant Director to Carmelite International College, 1999-2001, Rome, Italy. Provincial counsellor.

Research Papers and workshops

• Teaching higher order thinking by International Teaching Assistants: A grounded theory approach.

• A Contemplative conflict negotiation model for intercultural living.

• Methods of teaching and learning.

• Workshops on various educational topics and religious education.

Additional skills

• Play Indian musical instruments

• Composed & produced liturgical CDs in Indian language.

• Produced Musical dance and digital dramas.


34.   Fr. Mathew Azhakath OCD                                                                                         
Email: azhakath7@hotmail.com

PhD. In Leadership and Administration, Fordham University, USA
M.A. in Teresian Leadership: A Historical Analysis, Fordham University  New York, U S A.
M.A in Pastoral Theology, Loyola University, Chicago, USA
MA in: Pastoral Counselling & Spiritual Direction, Fordham University,     New York, USA.

Certificate in:
Teresian and San Juanistic Spirituality, Avila, Spain.
Certificate in: Religious Formation, St. Louis University, St. Louis, USA.

Books Published:
1) Teresian Leadership: A Historical Analysis.                                                                            
2) Saint Teresa of Avila: A Transformational Leader.

Professional Experience
Institutions where Lectures and Guest-talks were given: Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore; AVP, Spirituality Centre,    Bangalore; Nirjhari, Conference and Study Centre, Bangalore; DVK, Faculty of Theology, Vinayasadhana, Bangalore; Lisieux Centre Muvattupuzha; Philosophy College, Carmel Hill, Trivandrum;                                                  Carmel Vidya Niketan, Philosophy College, Faridabad; Carmel Jyothi Vidya Bhavan, Aluva; Sacred Heart College, Shembaganur.

Topics taught since:
1998 -2018: Pastoral Theology; Pastoral Counselling; Pastoral Leadership and     Administration; Christian Mysticism; Leadership in Consecrated Life;    Spiritual Direction – Theory and Practice.Teresian Spirituality;                              Carmelite History and Spirituality,   Youth Dynamics and Leadership;  Leadership in Consecrated Life; Strategy of Community Building in Consecrated Life; Mysticism and Leadership.

Positions held:
Provincial of Malabar Province. Retreat Team director; Hospital Chaplin;    Parochial Vicar; Mastor of Theology Students and Vice Rector; Administrator and Visitator of CST Brothers Congregation; Religious Assistant of OCD Nuns; Director of Nirjhari, conference and study centre, Bangalore.

Professor at:                                                                                                                    
Dharmaram VidyaShetram and CTC, Bangalore.

 Additional work experience:
Retreat preacher, Training on leadership skills, Provide Spiritual Direction and Counselling, Youth animation programmes.

35.   Fr. Mathew Kuzhinjalil (Shinto) OCD.
Ph. 9645992930

2014 MSW   Mangalore University, Karnataka.                                                         
2012 Diploma: Skills in Youth Ministry.

Professional experience
Positions Held:
Assistant Director, Mt. Carmel Spirituality centre 2011-2012, Founder of ‘For You’ Trust, an NGO working for children and youth since   2011.

Pastor- Jesus Youth Movement, Karnataka campus ministry, 2014-2015.
Editor of Focolare Word of life (Mal). Counsellor at Manaswini Thumnga institute of Psychiatry and counselling,   Mangalore 2014. Coordinator of Focolare movement in Kerala since 2015. Self-initiated Ignite leadership training program: Training program for Youth.

Additional work experience:
Counselling, Trainer of the Trainers, Leadership Expert, Catholic social    activist. Youth Animator, Career Guide.

36.   Fr. Mathew Thekkel OCD
Ph. 9495240441                                                                                                                                                                 Email: mthekkel@gmail.com

MTh    in Spirituality from Spain.

Positions held:
Regional Vicar, Manager St. Joseph’s Press.

37.   Fr. Mathew Vadakkedath OCD                                                                   
Ph. 3933389570939                                                                                                                                                    
Email: sunnyocd@yahoo.com

MTh in Canon Law, Catholic University, Washington. USA.

Professor at: CTC, Bangalore.

38.   Fr. Mathew Vekathanam OCD
Carmelaram Theology College.                                                                                                              
Off: Sarjapur Road (By railway), Bangalore 560 035.                                                                             
E-mail: matvek@gmail.com                                                                                                                       
Mob. 9241202168.

Professor of Systematic Theology since January 1987.

Area of lectures:                         
Dogmatics, Fundamental Theology, Spirituality, Mysticism, Indology.

1986 Doctor of Theology (Doctorate in Theology), Bavarian State University of    Wuerzburg. Summa cum Laude.          
1980  S.T.L. (Licentiate in Theology):  Pont. Gregorian  University,  Rome. Summa cum Laude.

Professional Experiences:

Topics taught since 1987:

Fundamental Theology (Revelation, Reason, Faith).  God of Salvation:
The Theology of the Trinity. Christology and Soteriology. Christ in Dispute: Chalcedonaian and Non-Chalcedonian Christologies. Eschatology. Theology of Religious Life. Theology of Religions in the Indian Context. Indian Spirituality and Mysticism. The Mysticism of Teresa of Avila. Christocentric Spirituality.                                   The Revelational Dimension of Spiritual Life. The Question of God in Spiritual Life.

Institutions where Lectures and Guest-talks were given:
Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore, India (B.Th. Programme).   Adhyatma Vidya Peetham, Bangalore (Diploma in Spirituality).    Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore (Licentiate programme).    Jeevan Jyothi Theology Institute, Hyderabad (Diploma Programme).   Sevanilayam Theology Institute, Bangalore (B.A. Religious Studies).   St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore (Guest-talks).     Jyothirbhavan Institute, Kalamasserry, Alwaye, Kerala (Guest-Talks) .   Scranton University in the State of Pennsylvania, USA. (Guest-Talks). Publications

1. “Fifty Years in Retrospect – The Story of the Malabar Province, OCD”, in: Golden Jubilee Souvenir 1928 – 1978. First Indian Novitiate, Discalced Carmelites (OCD), Trivandrum, 1978. pp.  51 – 60.

2.  “Mystery, Myth, And History: The Dimensions of Spirituality in the Context of Avatara”, in: Journal of Dharma, Vol. XIII, no. 3, 1988.  pp. 204 – 216.

3. “Sources of Jewish Christian Specificity Claims”, in: K. Pathil (Ed.), Religious Pluralism, I.S.P.C.K., Delhi, 1991, pp. 27 – 44.

4. “Daivika Sahanam” (Mal.) (Science of the Cross according to St. John of the Cross), in: Carmel, Dec 1991, pp 446 – 455.

5. “Adhyatmikatayum Anubhavavum” (Mal.), in: Carmel, May 1993, pp. 170 -176.

6. “From Atheism through Phenomenology to Mysticism”, in: Indian Journal of Spirituality, XII (1999), pp. 250-263. (Article on Edith Stein).

7. “The Christian Vision of Development: A Praxis Perspective”, in: The Third Millennium, V (2002), pp. 34 - 49.

8. “Contemplation: Life in the Service of Love – The Mystical Experience of St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church”, in: Indian Journal of Spirituality, VI (2003), pp. 13 – 41.

9. “Mahimasthuthiyude Adhyatmikata“(Mal.), in:  Carmel, Sept. 2006, pp. 119 – 124.



1. Christology in the Indian Anthropological Context: An Evaluative Encounter with K. Rahner and W. Pannenberg, Frankfurt/M. Bern. New York, 1986. Pp. xxiii+796.

2. Indian Christology – Perspectives and Challenges (Revised Ed.), ATC: Bangalore, 2004. Pp. xxiii +996.

3. Revelation – Reason – Faith: Perspectives in Fundamental Theology, ATC: Bangalore, 2009.  Pp. xvi+305. (Reprint: 2013).

4. Life and Afterlife: The God of Fulfilment, ATC: Bangalore, 2010, Pp. viii+180.   Reprint: 2012.

5. “In Search of the Heart of Religions:  The Mysticism of Lalon Shah”, An Appreciation of the Book Der Mensch des Herzens by Klaus Beurle, EOS Verlag Sankt Ottilien, 2011.

6. The Question of God Today – A Christian Response, Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore, 2013.  Pp. 80.


Publications in Preparation:

  God of the Fathers: A Christian Reflection on God

  God, the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ: The Trinitarian Theology

  Jesus Christ, The Saviour: Christology for Today

 Mysticism, Genuine and Spurious.


Positions Held:

Provincial of Malabar province. Director of Adhyatma Vidya Peetham, Bangalore.


39.   Fr. Matthias Puthenpurackal OCD
Ph. +4915155844179
Email: mattihias.puthenpurackal@yahoo.com

1999 MTh.  Theology

Sensus Fidei and Satyagraha. A Theological Dialogue with    Mahatma Gandhi, J. W. Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt, Germany.

Published Work:
Sensus Fidei and Satyagraha. A Theological Dialogue with Mahatma Gandhi   (Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovac, 2000).

40.   Fr. Pascal Koroth OCD
Ph. 07353248035

1995 D.Th  Doctor of Theology, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore.

The destiny of Material Creation and Eschatological Freedom. A    Study on the Transformation of the Material Creation in Rom 8: 18-30.
1984    L.S.S.  Licentiate in sacred Scripture, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome.

Works Published

1) “Hesed Spirituality of the family of Ruth”, in Bible Bhasyyam XVII (September 1991) pp. 146-160.

2) “Electio of Israel Versus Universalism”, in Jeevadhara XXX (March 2000) pp 15-142.

3)  “God, the Lord of Nations; An appraisal of the Indian and Israelite understanding of God” in Thottamkara Augustine (ed), Indian interpretation of the Bible (Bangalore: Dharamaram publications, 2000) pp 69 -114.

4)  “Cultural integration of Israel in the Monarchic period,” in Jeevadhara XXXV no. 26 (March 2005) pp 118-132.

5)  “Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila”, in the Divine Shepherd’s voice, Vol, 5 (October –December 2014) pp 190-200.

6) The author has published many Articles also in Carmel monthly.

Professional experience

Professor at:
CTC, Bangalore. AVP, Bangalore, Lisieu Centre, Muvattupuzha, Kerala

Topics currently teaching:                                                                                                        
Theological initiation to the Sacred scripture, Historical Books of the Old Testament, Pauline spirituality      Biblical teachings on prayer, Prophetical Books of the Old Testament, New testament letters,  Biblical Greek,  Biblical Hebrew.

Positions Held:
Master of Theology, Rector of CTC, Pastor. Additional Work Experience:                                                                                                      Professor, Retreat preacher, Pastor, Chaplain.

41.   Fr. Patrick Mootheril OCD                                                                                                      
Ph. 9496453342                                                                                                                                                                             Email: frpatrickmootheril@gmail.com

Life Résumé:
Date of Birth:   18.12.1932
Religious Profession as Carmelite (OCD): 10.05.1956                                      
Priestly Ordination: 09.04.1961

1963 PhD. In theology, Teresianum, Rome.                                                   
Dissertation: Caritas Fraterna in S.Thoma Aquinate (Fraternal Charity in St.  Thomas Aquinas).

Works Published


1) History of the Malabar province, 2018.

2) Anthya vachassukal (translation from French to Malayalam),

3) Kathidapadukal (translation from French  to Malayalam).

Positions held:
Provincial of Malabar province,                                                                              
Delegate provincial of Ranchi delegation and North Malabar region.                         
Definitor of the OCD, Rome.


42.   Fr. Pathrose Chakkiath OCD                                                                                                            
Carmel Hill Monastery,                                                                                                                  
Cotton Hill PO., Thiruvananthapuram 695014, Kerala, India.                                                                                                    Ph. 9495425145                                                                                                                           
Email: pachakiath@gmail.com


2006     Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology, From Pontifical University Of       Salamanca, Spain.                                                                                                Dissertation:  “The Concept of Detachment in St. John of the      Cross and in the Bhagavad-Gita.

1991 PhD, in Indian Philosophy and Religion, from Banaras     Hindu University, Varanasi, India.                                                                                                          Doctoral Thesis: “the concept of samnyasa in the Indian religio-    philosophical tradition”.

1986  MA in Indian philosophy and religion, from Banaras Hindu University,  Varanasi, research paper on “Bhakti in Bhagavad-Gita and  Bhagavata  Purana”.


1997 In Teresian-Sanjuvanist spirituality, from Centro Internacional de Avila,  Spain.                                                                                  1997 In Spanish Language, from Instituto Espanol “Murarllas de Avila”. 1990 In Personal Counselling, from Xavier Institute of Counselling, Bombay.                                                                                                                           1988 In Sanskrit Language, from Vagyoga Chetanapeetham Yogic Voice     Consciousness Institute, Varanasi 1978 In Comparative Religion, from Dharmaaram Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Bangalore, Centre for the Study of World Religions.

Published Works


1. The Art of Unveiling the Spirit: A Comparative Study of Detachment in St. John of the Cross and in the Bhagavad-Gita, CIPH: Trivandrum, 2015.

2. Avilayile Visudha Ammatresia: Jivitavum prabodhanangalum, (Malayalam), CIPH: 2017.

3. St. Teresa of Avila: Mystic Founderess, CIPH: Trivandrum, 2015.

4. St. Teresa of Avila: A Woman for our Times, (Editor), CIPH: Trivandrum 2015.

 Research Articles Published:

1) A Critical enquiry into the role of faith and reason in the Indian Classical tradition

2) An exploration into the possible Hindu influence on Carmelite Mysticism in view of a meaningful dialogue with the Hindus

3) Samnyasa: A Paradigm of the dialectics of Inter-cultural interaction and integration

4) Relevance of Prayer: An Indian Approach

5) Unity of Religion and Politics based on the practice of Yoga for national integration

6) A comparative study of the Little of Way St. Therese of Lisieux and Prapatti or Saranagati in Bhagavad-Gita

7) St. Teresa of Avila: Searching God in Prayer and Meditation – St. Teresa’s Experience and Concept of Prayer and Meditation

8) Missionary Challenges of Teresian Charism in India

9) More than 30 articles in Carmel Monthly on various topics.

Professional experience:

Topics taught for the last 32 years:                                                                                        
Indian Philosophy:
Vedas and the Upanishads, Six Systems of Indian Philosophy,  Heterodox Systems: Buddhism, Jainism etc.                                                                                                    Vedanta: Shankara, Ramanuja etc. , Bhagavad-Gita, Contemporary Indian  Thinkers, Contemporary Religious Movements ,Saivism,  Vaishnavism and minor religions, Popular  Indian Religions and  Practices.                                                                                        Theodicy, Ethics, Logic: and Deduction, English Language,
Theology: Introduction to Theology, Spiritual Theology, Spirituality: Christian Spirituality, Prayer and Contemplation, Indian Samnyasa,  Spirituality of Bhagavad-Gita, Community Life, Leadership in  religious  communities,, spiritual Direction.

Institutions where Lectures and Guest-talks were given:

Major Seminaries: Philosophy College, Carmel Hill Monastery, Trivandrum.

St. Mary’s Malankara Major Seminary, TVM.

Pallotti Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Goa.

Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore.

Carmel Vidya Niketan, Faridabad.

Institutes of Spirituality:         AVP, Carmelaram, Bangalore.

Jyotir Bhavan, Kalamassery.

Lisieux Centre, Muvattupuzha.

Danahalaya, Alappuzha, (the Archdiocese of Chenganacherry).                                                                                                    The Little Way Spirituality Centre, Ranchi.

Krishna Murthi Foundation, Rajaghat, Varanasi

Additional Work Experience:                                                                      
Preach Retreats; Give spiritual direction on request; Conduct Seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, especially on:    Prayer and contemplation, Life in Community, Leadership, and     Teachers’ Training Program etc.

Positions held:          
Vocation Director (1982-1984); Vice Rector of Philosophy Philosophy College, Trivandrum,    Provincial Counsellor (1993-96); Director of the Spirituality Institute, Lisieux Centre, Muvattupuzha, September 2007-April 2011; and Provincial Prefect of Studies (1988-90).

43.   Fr. Peter Kothampananiyil OCD
Ph. 00393394422877                                                                                                                                                       Email: petkomyil@gmail.com

2009 M.H.R.M. (Degree of Master of Human Resource Management), Kerala  University, Trivandrum.
2006 M.C.A. (Master Of Computer Application) Sikkim Manipal University,
2005 M.A. (Degree Of Master Of Arts In Philosophy), Kerala University,  Trivandrum,  2005

Professional experience

Teacher at:
Teacher of Comparative Religion and Computer, Carmel Hill Philosophy  College, 2005-2011.         Teacher of Sociology, Preparatory College, Ettumanoor, 2013.   Teacher of Political Science, Preparatory College, Ettumanoor, 2014.

Positions Held:                                                                                                                  
Manager, Good Shepherd English Medium School, Thrikkannapuram, 2003- 2009.                                                                                                                     Provincial Secretary, Carmel Hill Provincial House, 2002-2003.
Member of Academic Council, Carmel Hill Philosophy College, 2002-2005.                            
Administrator, Carmel Hill Philosophy College, 2002-2005.                                                      
Secretary, Rehabilitation Aid Society, 2005-2011.                                                                    
Manager, Carmel Book Stall, Trivandrum, 2005-2011.                                                           
Provincial Councillor, Malabar Province, 2008-2011.                                                            
Superior, Mount Carmel Provincial House, Trivandrum, 2009-2010.                                   
Manager, St. Joseph’s Press, Trivandrum, 2010-2011.                                                          
Administrator, Preparatory College, Ettumanoor, 2012-2013.                                          
Rector, Preparatory College, Ettumanoor, 2014.

44.   Fr. Rockose Kolenchery OCD                                                                                                
Ph. 919847751591                                                                                                                          
Email: kolencheryroc@gmail.com


        2005 PhD - Western Phislophy, University of Ghent, Belgium.
Doctoral Thesis: On the unity of knowing and acting: the epistemological     foundation of David Hume’s Moral philosophy.
2005 MA – Western Philosophy, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.    Dissertation:  Religion within the boundaries of reason: the concept of    religion in David Hume’s Philosophy.                                                                            1993 MA - Indian Philosophy, University of Kerala, India. First Rank holder.
2004 Diploma in NLP – Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.
1995  Diploma in Yoga - Nature cure centre, Nalanchira, Trivandrum.

Published works


1. Unity of knowing and acting in Hume’s philosophy, Ghent university publications, 2007.      
2. Therese and our times (Ed.) Carmel International publishing House: Trivandrum.

1)  “Suffering in the book of Job,” in Carmel Magazine.
2) “Conscious and unconscious intentionality in cognitive neuroscience,” in Philosophical quarterly.

Professional Experience
Professor:                                                                                                                                                                               Carmel Hill Phislophy College, Trivandrum, University of Ghent, Belgium, Germany,                                                                                                                    Regensburg Seminary, Germany,

Positions Held:
Rector of Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum. Director of Carmel International publishing House, Trivandrum. President of CRI unit of Trivandrum. Delegate Provincial of Ranchi Carmelite Delegation, Jharkhand.

Additional Work experience:
Retreat preacher & conduct Nero linguistic programme.

45.   Fr. Sebastian Perumbanany OCD
Ph.: 9495101116
Email: sheenocd@gmail.com

2013 MPhil in Communication and Journalism, Canoor University, Kerala. 2010    MCJ-Master in communication and Journalism, Canannoor University, Kerala

Professional experience:

Topics Taught:           
Film, Magazine journalism, photography, video editing.

 Job experience:
Asianet news reporter, Sub editor at Deepika, Professor in DIMS Chalakudy, Guest Professor, Mary Matha Pulapally. Lecturer at AVP, Lisieux centre Muvatupuzha.

Media Productions:
Four Short Films: sevens, Namariyathor, Happy Birth Day, Samadooram. Documentary: Classical dance, Bharatanatyam, Kurva deep. Subisha. 6 Devotional CDs.

Articles wrote:
Thanalam Thettunna Reality Showkal, Don Bosco magazine, December 2010.  Digital face of Religious life, Carme, Trivandrum, 2018. Madyamangalum Kudumbavum, Kudumbadeepam, 20111.     Samsaram Nilakumbol, Mathrubhoomy, 2012.

46.   Fr. Sebastian Koodappattu OCD                                                                                            
Ph. 9447066776                                                                                                                                           
Email:  koodapatu@yahoo.co.in

MA Philosophy (M. Phil): Milltown Institute, Dublin, Ireland (under the National University of Ireland).

Professional experience
Professor at:

Philosophy Teacher at Milltown (Part of the Doctoral study). Philosophy Lecturer at Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum. At St. Albert’s Regional Philosophy College, Ranchi: 2014.

 Positions Held:           
Provincial of the Malabar Province.

47.   Fr. Sebastian ThazathuKarimpanikal OCD                                                                              
Ph. 919447911435       
Email: stkarimpana@gmail.com

2017 MTh. In spirituality, Teresianum , Rome

Thesis:  Todeo dy Nada.

48.   Fr. Sunny (Thomas) Maniakkunnel OCD, PhD.                                                                                               
Ph.  9696571146,                                                                                                                                   
Email: maniakkunnel@gmail.com

2003 Doctorate in Church History, Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Roma.    Doctoral thesis: A historical outlook into the life and activities of Fr.    Leopold Beccaro of St. Joseph in Kerala/Malabar (1860-1877).
1999    Licenziate in Ecclesiastical History, Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Roma.

Published works:


1. Dr. Sunny (Thomas) Maniakkunnel, An Ideal Missionary: a historical study  of the life  and activities of Fr. Leopold Beccaro OCD in Malabar/ Kerala 1860- 1877,  Carmel International Publishing house: Trivandrum, 2005.

2. The Discalced Carmelites in India, the Carmelites and the Malabar Church (Kerala) in  the 17th and 18th Centuries (1642-1773), Studia 16, Historicum Teresianum: Roma  2014.

3. Catholic Contribution to the Indian History, Society and Culture, 19th and 20th  Centuries,  Francis Thonippara, Sunny Maniakkunnel (editors) (Dharmaram  Publications:  Bengaluru 2018.

Articles (in English):

1. 13 articles on the History of the Consecrated life, in: Carmel, 2007-2009.

2. Transfer of St. Teresa’s Monastery, Ernakulum from Navarra Province to the Malabar Semi-Province, in: Centenary Souvenir, Ernakulam, 2005.

3. Pope John Paul II and Carmelite Spirituality (Malayalam), in: Supplement to L’Osservatore Romano published only in Malayalam, Trivandrum, 2007.

4. St. Thèrése and St. Alphonsa, a Comparative Study, in: Teresianum, no. 1, Anno LX, Roma, 2009.

5. The historiographical study of the presence and the mission of the Discalced Carmelites in Malabar/Kerala in the 17th and 18th Centuries, in:  Histriografìa Del Carmelo Teresianum, Institutum Historicum Teresianum, Studia 11, Roma, 2009.

6. Sulle orme dell’Apostolato Tommaso, un viaggio per conoscere meglio le varie sfaccettature della tradizione Indiana, in: L’araldo, Anno CV-N6, February, Abruzzo ,2009.

7. The foundation of the Holy Family Church of Carmel Hill Monastery, Thiruvananthapuram, a Historical Study, 100 years, in:  Souvenir, Carmel Hill Holy Family Church, Trivandrum, 2010.

Professional Experiences:

Professor at:
Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India from 2003 onwards. Lisieux Centre, Moovattupuzha, Kerala, India, 2003 onwards. Adhyama Vidhya Peetham, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. 2005-2007. Professor of the Faculty of Spiritual theology, Teresianum, Rome, 2009-2014.                            Taught Church History in other Institutes.

Subjects Taught:
History of the religious life, History of Spirituality, Spiritual theology,   Church History.

Positions Held:
Socius e Collaborator of the Rector, Collegio Damasceno, Rome. 1997 – 2000. Bursar e Socius, Collegio Damasceno, Rome, 2000 – 2003 . Librarian of Carmelaram Theology College; Prefect of Studies of the Malabar  Province, 2003– 2005.  Second Councillor of the Province, Malabar; Superior of Mount Carmel Ashram,  Pala; 2005-2008. Vice President of the Historical Institute of Teresianum, Rome. 2008-2014. Correspondent member of the Pontifical Commission for Historical Sciences,  Vatican. 2013 onwards.                                                                                                               Prior of Cherupushpa Ashram, Ettumanoor. 2014-2017. General Secretary of the Association of Catholic Historians of India. 2015 onwards.

Additional Work Experiences:
Conducted Seminars in International and National level. Retreat Preacher.

49.   Fr. Thomas Kuzhiyalil OCD
Ph. 919496400026
Email: thkuzhyalil@gmail.com

2018  Licentiate in Biblical Theology, Urbanium, Rome.
Thesis: interrelation between joy and mercy: Lk:15

Professor at:
CTC, Lisieux center Muvatupuzha, and Faridabad

Positions held Director of Mt. Carmel spirituality center, Peravoor, 2017

Expertise: Popular Retreat preacher.

50.   Fr. Thomas Milady OCD
Ph. 17323399096                                                                                                                                  
Email: thomdil@rci.rutgers.edu

1994 PhD.  In Spirituality, Fordham University, USA.
Thesis:  Renunciation in St. John of the Cross and in the Bhagavad-Gita,

Published Works:
St. John of the Cross and the Bhagavad-Gita: Love, Union, and Renunciation   (New York: Cross Cultural Publications, Inc. Cross Roads Books, 2000).

51.   Fr. Thomas Nirappel OCD
Ph. 91954465656123                                                                                                 
Email: nirathomas@yahoo.com

2015 MA in Formative Spirituality and Counseling, Christ University, Bangalore. Dissertation: Contemplation and Action: Teresian view of religious life.
2015 Licentiate in Theology with specialization in Formative spirituality and    counseling, Dharmaram Vidyashethram, Bangalore.

Professional experience: Formator.

52.   Fr. Thomas Palapurath (Rejoice) OCD
Email: rplappurath@gmail.com

2018 MA in Sacred Scripture, Catholic University of Paris, France. Specialization: in the  gospel of St. Mathew with an exegetical     research into the meaning wedding Gament (Mathew 22:1-14.

53.   Fr. Thomas Pulickal OCD                                                                                                    
Ph. No.9148229820                                                                                  
Email: tompulickalocd@gmail.com

1987    STL: Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy from the Pontifical Faculty of     Saint Anselem (Sant’ Anselmo), Rome.
Dissertation: Syro-Malabar Qurbana and its Reform by the Synod     of Diamper.
1990    STD in Sacred Liturgy from the Pontifical Faculty of Saint Anselem    (Sant’ Anselmo), Rome.

 Thesis: Rite of Profession and its adaptations to the cultural     traditions of India.

Professional Experience

Books Published:
1. Rite of Profession and its adaptations to the cultural traditions of India.
2. Liturgy, Prayer and Life (Ed.) (Trivandrum:  published by Malabar Province, 2008).

Professor at:
From 1991 onwards teaching in Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore;

Lisieux centre, Muvattupuzha; AVP, Bangalore

Subjects I teach
Sacred Liturgy, Liturgical Spirituality, Eucharist/ Eucharistic Spirituality
Sanctification of Time (Liturgy of the Hours and Liturgical Year).

Positions Held:
Assistant parish priest in the Church of the Assumption, Diocese of Scranton,   PA, USA from 1999-2001.
Director of Catechism (DRE)and assistant parish Priest in the Church of Notre   Dame, Durham, Connecticut, USA from 2001-2002

 Assistant parish priest of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Diocese of Townsville,    Australia from 2012-2015

 Parish Priest of the Holy Family Parish, Townsville, Australia from April    2015-October 2016.

 Catholic Chaplain of the General Hospital of Townsville from Dec 2014 to   Oct 2016.

 Master of Philosophy Students, Carmel Hill, Trivandrum

 Assistant parish priest of Mount Carmel Parish, Carmelaram, Bangalore (from   April 2017 onwards)

 Offices I held in the Province:

 Vice-Rector and Master of Philosophy College, Trivandrum between 1983-1984

 Novice master of Carmel Ashram, Kalady between 1993-1996

 Superior of St. Teresa’s Monastery, Ernakulam between 1996-1999

 Superior of Mount Carmel Ashram and Director of the Spirituality Centre, Peravoor  between 2003-2005.

 Rector of Carmelaram Theology College, Bangalore between 2005-2008.

 Provincial Councillor between 2008-2011.

 Superior of Avila Dhyanashram, Sengulam between 2011-2012.

 Dean of Studies and assistant Director of AVP, Bangalore from June 2017 onwards.

Additional Work Experiences: Retreat preacher.

54.   Fr. Thomas Tharappel OCD
Ph. 9495643529           
Email: tharappelocd@rediffmail.com

1993   M.Th. S.T.D   in Spiritual Theology, Pontifical Institute, Alwaye.

Thesis: In Trinitarian Experience of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

55.   Fr. Thomas Valliyampoikayil OCD                                                                                            
Ph. +917012630643                                                                                                           
Email: valliyampoikayil@gmail.com


Positions held:
Manager of Carmel Bookstall TVM and Manager St. Joseph’s Press TVM.

56.   Fr. Varghese Kurisuthara OCD
Ph. 393338207615                                                                                          
Email: var.kurisu@gmail.com

1994 PhD in Moral Theology, Pontificia Universitas Alfonsiana, Institutum Superius Theologiae Moralis, Rome

Thesis: Ecology in the Documents of the World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church, a Study of their Contribution to an Ecological     Ethics.

57.   Fr. Varghese Thypodath OCD                                                                                          
Ph. 09973975304                                                                                                                                      
Email:  thypodath@gmail.com

Professor & Retreat Preacher.

1989 MTh in Theology, Jnana Deeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India
Dissertation: “The Confession and Denial of Peter According to Mark.”

Professional Experiences
Topics taught:

Spirituality & Missiology

Institutions where Lectures and Guest-talks were given:
CTC Bangalore, Little way spirituality centre, Ranchi.

Positions Held:
Novice Master Director of Aspirancy, Postulancy, & Novitiate
Director of Lisieux Centre at Ranchi                                                                                                                              Prefect of Studies in CTC (1998-99).
Additional work experience:  Retreat Preacher.

58.   Fr. Vincent Moolanparabil OCD                                                                                            
Ph. 004916095466568                                                                                                
Email: mparambilvin@yahoo.com

PhD.  Julius-Maximilians-Universitat Wurzburg Katholisch-Tholigischen, Fackultat,   Germany.

59.   Fr. Vincent Uthirakalam OCD
Ph. 9480442538                                                                                                                          vincentuthirakulath1@gmail.com.

MTh. Spiritual Theology.
Professinoal experience

Positions held:
Rector and Professor at CTC and AVP Bangalore.

Subjects Taught:
Spirituality, St. Teresa, Introduction Theology.

60.   Fr. Zacharias Karyalakulam OCD                                                                      
Email: zksocd@yahoo.co.in

1988 PhD in Philosophy, Angelicum, Roma.                                                              
Doctoral Thesis: Reason at the service of society: A study of Habermas
Theory of Communication.

1985 MTh in Philosophy, Angelicum Roma.                                                                
Dissertation:  The theory of meaning according to G Frege.

Professional experience
Published works

Zacharias Karyalakulam, Punyaslokanaya Aloysious Maria Benzigar, Malabar Province, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, 2017. St. Teresa of Avila in postmodern times, CPC: Trivandrum, Kerala, 2015. Arupathinte Niravil, Carmel Hill, (Trivandrum, 2014). Paribhashakal, 2014. Visvasavum Ukthiyium Utharadhunikathayil, CPC: Trivandrum, 2013.   Yesuvine pranayicha Kochusundari, CPC: Trivandrum, 2010. Kshamayude Suvishesham, CPC: 2005. Karmela Mathav, CPC: 2003. Samarpitha jeevithavum Utharadhunikathayum, CPC: 2000.     Muthiyavila Valychan, CPC:  1998. Parisutha Threethvathinte Vashthapetta Elizabeth, CPC: Trivandrum, 1995.   Visudha Edith Stein, CPC: Trivandrum, 1994. Karmela Sabhayile Visudhar, CPC: Trivandrum, 1994. Symbolic logic simplified, Carmel Hill, 1990. Reason at the service of society, 1988. Theory of meaning according to G. Frege, 1985. Faith, 1983.

Professor: from 1988 to 2018                                                                                                                                                                          Carmel Hill Phislophy College, Trivandrum & Faridabad.                                                                                       
St. Mary’s Nalanchira,   Good shepherd, Kunnath, Pallotine, Goa,                                                       
DIC Nalachira, IVD azhaku, OFM, Kerala.

Subjects Taught:                                 
Logic, Metaphiscs, contemporary Phislophy, post modernism, St. Edith stein,  Phislophy and Communicato, Hermenuitcs, Virtus, and Meditation

Positions Held:            
Rector of Carmel Hill Philosophy College, Trivandrum. Additional Work experience:  Retreat preacher

61.   Fr. Zacharias, Varickamackal OCD
Ph. 919495157417

1984 Mph.  Philosophy, Jnana Deepa Vidya Pita, Pune.

Dissertation: the law of Karma and the problem of evil.

Professional Experience

Published works Books:

1. Zacharias, Varickamackal, St. Germain, CIPH Trivandrum, Kerala, 2008.

2. St. Rita, CIPH: Trivandrum, Kerala: 2009.

1. St. Faustina, CIPH: Trivandrum, Kerala ,2010

2. St. Kathirikunna Pitavu, SJP: Trivandrum, Kerala: 2012.

3. KochuNelli, CIPH: Trivandrum, Kerala: 2013.

4. Mary, Lady of all nations, 2014.

5. Fatima Natha, 2017.

Carmel Hill Phislophy College, Trivandrum,
Sacred Heart Seminary, Manjummel.

Subjects Taught:
Introduction to philosophy, History of philosophy, Indian phislophy.











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